Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Azaleas

Over the past week, I have been noticing white and very pale yellow azaleas blooming in gardens here and there. At first I thought those seemingly unseasonal blossoms were just stragglers but then I saw more and more of them, entire bushes happily flowering away. It turns out they are specimens of the sweet azalea (Rhododendron arborescens), a deciduous azalea native to the eastern United States that naturally flowers between the middle of summer and early fall.

Sweet azalea (Rhododendron arborescens)

So now this plant will be added to the long list of plants I shall have to have if I am ever so lucky as to have a sizable garden in these parts.


  1. Beautiful! I've never seen this plant before.

    1. I had not either prior to this summer since before I was always traveling around this time of year. It does not seem to be as widely planted elsewhere as other azaleas and rhododendrons.


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