Friday, August 29, 2014

Tuberose Update

You may remember that a while ago I posted about the tuberoses I planted beginning to flower and how I was surprised that a pot which I thought I had planted with the double variety 'The Pearl' produced single flowers. Well, it appears that I simply mixed up the pots, because another one has now produced beautiful double flowers.

Double tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa 'The Pearl')

Pots of tuberoses in a sheltered corner in the garden, with lots more flowers coming

There are several more - and, by the looks of it, bigger - flower spikes coming up from all the pots of tuberoses that have been sitting in a sunny, sheltered corner of the garden, but even another pot up on the balcony, with less direct sun, more wind, and no heat-retaining walls, is beginning to send up flower spikes. Hopefully this should mean that I get to enjoy those lovely flowers and that decadently luscious evening fragrance for quite a while longer. There really is nothing quite like it.


  1. Great to see that they are certainly doing well!

  2. Indeed... :)

    Makes me wonder why they are not grown more here; people hardly seem to know of them.

  3. I love the fragrance of these but have never grown them myself. How lucky you are to have them!

    1. So far they have been quite easy - just occasional watering and weekly fertilizer in a hot, sunny spot, and a bit of patience as they took all of May and the first half of June to really sprout. You should give them a try!


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