Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Praying mantises are great favorites of mine and quite a few seem to be making the downstairs garden their home this summer. I started noticing them in June when they were only inch-long miniatures and then kept seeing them get bigger and bigger and finding their shed skins clinging to my plants. Most of the time when I come across them they are bright green, sitting in the cosmos foliage. Today, though, I found one turned brown while sitting among the flowers of the orange cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus) and watched it catch a bee that had unwisely landed on the flower right in front of it.

A praying mantis, green among Cosmos bipinnatus foliage and flowering lettuce

A mantis feasting on a bee it just caught on a flower of orange cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus)

In other news of garden wildlife, I harvested my sun flower heads today because the squirrels had discovered them and were gorging themselves on the seeds. Hopefully they are ripe enough...


  1. Praying mantis often visit my garden, they are much better than grasshopper that always make any problems into my garden. That's good that you can notice it growth time by time.

    1. These are great! While the grasshoppers eat plants, they eat pests - and the occasional bee, but I will forgive them that.


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