Saturday, September 6, 2014

The First Rice Harvest

I finally harvested my first batch of rice, of the Russian 'Duborskian' variety.

'Duborskian' rice (Oryza sativa 'Duborskian')

Definitely not enough for a meal - it was only one short row of a handful of plants, after all - but lots of seeds to plant more next year!


  1. And it looks beautiful hanging on the wall!

  2. So interesting. Yes, the rice is not enough to be a one person meal. But you have a lot of seeds for the next planting

    1. Indeed, the same is hopefully true for two more varieties. One should be ready to harvest in a few days, but the other one still has a while to got so I am not sure if it will make it before the weather gets too cold.

  3. I never thought of trying to growing rice - how silly of me. Thanks for the inspiration. Jack


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