Thursday, October 9, 2014

Unexpected Orchid

Yesterday morning my mom said she would send me some pictures of an orchid that had started blooming in my room at the house in Michigan. I was expecting it to be some kind of Phalaenopsis or allied hybrid, of which there have always been a few somewhere in my collection of houseplants. I was surprised, then, when the pictures came and the blooming orchid was in fact a Dendrobium hybrid which I had bought at Trader Joe's when I was still in high school and which had not flowered in many years.

The Dendrobium in question, against the background of my parents' Mid-Century Modern sitting room

This makes me wonder what triggered it to bloom after all these years. For the one other Dendrobium that I had owned before this back in Germany, the trick appeared to be a noticeable difference between night and day temperatures during the summer, best achieved by putting the plant in a sheltered place outdoors. I wonder if a change in temperatures was involved here as well.


  1. Beautiful! Look so fresh, and the srtiped pattern is so interesting. Your Dendrobium remind me to my collection. They look so poor during this dry season.

    1. This one did not look very nice for a long time either. Nice to see how it can bounce back though!


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