Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A German Documentary on Delhi Gardens

One of the things that I loved as a child growing up in Germany - and that probably contributed to my intensely nerdy tendencies and my abiding fascination with pretty much anywhere far away and foreign - was the seemingly never-ending stream of documentaries on the most obscure topics that aired during the day on Germany's numerous public television channels. Of course, given my academic and horticultural interests, I was delighted just now when I came across this one from a few years ago that focuses on gardens and gardening in and around the Indian capital:

The narrator does not always know what she is talking about - she refers to cinerarias as asters at one point, for example, and stocks as "white wallflowers" - and there are a few orientalizing generalizations as well, but nonetheless even having a documentary of this length on something as niche as the gardens of a place like Delhi is quite exciting. Unfortunately there are only German subtitles, though.


  1. Beautiful garden! I just notice the visualization, not the naration.


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