Thursday, February 5, 2015

Even More on Narcissi...

As I was looking into narcissi for my last post, and in particular the Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis types that have long been so prominent in many parts of the world and which I am growing for the first time this year, I came across two beautiful recent photo series about their cultivation and harvest in Iran today. They are from Mehr News Agency; the first was posted on December 29 as the harvest of the flowers was beginning in the province of Fars in southern Iran:

Narcissus Harvest Season in Iran

The second was posted on January 30 and covers the ongoing harvest of the flowers in the province of South Khorasan in the east of the country:

Narcissus Harvest

Mehr News Agency is ultimately part of the propaganda complex of the Iranian regime, so as a source of balanced and objective news reporting it is probably about as trustworthy as Fox News here in the United States - and hey, on a lot of social "issues" their respective stances would probably not be all that different. However, it often publishes beautiful photo essays like these that reveal the gentler sides of everyday life and culture in the Islamic Republic and are well worth a look.

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