Monday, April 20, 2015

Fancy Blooms

All sorts of flowering bulbs are finally coming along in the garden outside, including some awesome heirloom double hyacinth varieties I planted last fall - and some narcissi whose name has already slipped my mind...

Hyacinthus orientalis 'General Köhler'

 Hyacinthus orientalis 'Madame Sophie'

Hyacinthus orientalis 'Chestnut Flower'

Narcissus 'Avalanche'

This is supposed to be Narcissus 'Trevithian', though I am starting to doubt that is really what it is - at least the flowers have a slightly different shape and fragrance from what I thought was 'Trevithian' in the Michigan garden

The double narcissus, planted last fall, whose name I no longer recall...

Some tulips someone must have planted years ago in the tree pit in front of the house

Meanwhile, a new order of heirloom bulbs and iris rhizomes from Old House Gardens arrived this Saturday. Some day, there will be tuberoses and rain lilies and montbretias...


  1. Beautiful narcissus and hyacinths.I came across a beautful cut flower called Eustoma in Hong Kong last month. It is in 3 colours- pink, white and purple. The double variety looks like a rose, although it belongs to the gentian family.Unfortunately, I couldn't get seeds :(

    1. Thanks! I have seen Eustoma seeds in the catalogs of a few British and American seed companies. Maybe they will ship internationally? Here sometimes the nurseries also sell transplants of them in spring, but they seem to be quite tricky to grow well.

  2. Great to see all those outdoors in your area!

    1. Yes, and only about a month later than usual... ;)


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