Monday, April 27, 2015

More Spring Blossoms

Here are some more spring blooms, one from my own garden and a few from down the street.

Hyacinthus orientalis 'Hollyhock', the fourth of the historic double hyacinths I planted last fall

Tulipa turkestanica in a neighboring garden

Apricot blossom (Prunus armeniaca)

Some sort of ornamental cherry (Prunus sp.)

We also saw some beautiful flowers rendered in ink and paper at the Hokusai Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts. Those will get a post of their own.


  1. That Tulipa is a standout for me!

    1. It seems to be quite prolific in spots that it likes - I have seen sizable clumps like that in a few gardens around here.

  2. Beautiful flowers! I have never seen Hyacinthus that have a pretty color like that, fascinating!

    1. It is a very rich pink; our neighbor noticed the other day as well and exclaimed to her husband, "Oh look at that one! It is practically red!".


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