Tuesday, May 19, 2015

At Long Last

I planted snow drop anemone (Anemone sylvestris) in partially shaded bed in the Michigan garden several years ago, and it never seemed to do much. A few leaves would appear, and here and there a flower bud, all quickly snacked on by rabbits and deer. The plant also did not appear interested in spreading as it does elsewhere. This year, though, it is finally doing better.

Snowdrop anemone (Anemone sylvestris)

Perhaps it was the cool, wet summer Michigan experienced last year and the copious rain this spring that made the difference. Other plants from woodland habitats like toad lilies (Tricyrtis cv.) are coming up particularly strong as well. Plants that enjoy the usual summer heat and drought, on the other hand, might not be having their best year - at least the irises are for the most part not as full of buds as usual.

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