Monday, June 1, 2015

Starry Bloom

I finally returned last night after two weeks in Michigan, and was greeted by a fat bud opening on my night-blooming Epiphyllum strictum. It had first bloomed last October with a single flower, ten months after I had bought it. This time it is a bit more generous; I counted three spent blossoms that had opened while we had been gone, and there is still one more bud developing. The plant itself has been growing vigorously and probably needs a bigger pot soon, not least to keep it from toppling over as the strap-like stems grow ever longer and branch at odd angles in search of surfaces to which to attach themselves with tough little roots.

Bloom of Epiphyllum strictum at dawn

More soon on the rest of the plants and garden - most things appear to be doing quite well, despite an extremely dry and rather hot May, followed since yesterday by torrential rain and shiver-inducing cold.


  1. I'm glad you got to see the bloom. I remember returning from a couple of days away to see a spent bloom. You were lucky.

    1. Indeed - I thought they would all be long gone by the time I came back.


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