Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - July 2015

Sometimes it really is scary how time flies - not just because all of a sudden the next 15th of the month is already upon us and calling for a Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post, but also because it has been a week already since I last posted even though lots of material has been piling up. The past week has been a pleasant whirlwind of activity with visits from many friends from out of town, so the garden has hardly received much attention, let alone the garden blog. With the hot and wet weather we have been having most things have been growing and blooming like crazy, though, so there is much to show; this colorful, a tad bit chaotic picture of the middle portion of the yard is - luckily - rather representative of what things look like at the moment:

View of the central part of the garden along the side of the house

For the pictures of particular flowers, I thought this time I would try to organize them roughly by color. Maybe starting with the yellows and oranges. So here we go:

 Eastern prickly pear cactus (Opuntia humifusa) on the balcony

The first of the 'Hopi Dyeseed' sunflowers (Helianthus annuus 'Hopi Dyeseed') to bloom

A late, butter-yellow daylily (Hemerocallis cv.)

Another unidentified daylily cultivar

Double orange daylily (Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso)

A very large and vigorous double cultivar of French marigold (Tagetes patula) which I discovered last summer in a yard one street over 

'Orange Hawaii' African marigold (Tagetes erecta 'Orange Hawaii') - by far the most intense orange of the marigolds I am growing

Large, cactus-flowered zinnias (Zinnia elegans cv.)

The first of the gladioli to bloom

Pink cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus)

The trusty purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

Flowering tobacco (Nicotiana mutabilis)

One of the pots on the front steps filled with 'Old Fashioned Vining' petunias, Petunia exserta, and a seedling of the wild form of Canna indica

Double Shirley poppies (Papaver rhoeas cv.)
Rosa 'Old Blush'

Rosa 'Slater's Crimson China'

'Cupani' sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus 'Cupani')

Bigleaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla cv.) in the frontyard 

Agapanthus 'Hardy Blue' just beginning to bloom

A pale blue single love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena)... 

... and a double white one

Abyssinian gladiolus (Gladiolus murielae) from bulbs bought on a whim at a CVS...

My mom reports that much is also blooming in the Michigan garden, including bear's breeches (Acanthus sp.), leopard lilies (Iris domestica) and the Inca lily (Alstroemeria ligtu cv.) that I planted last year. The large potted lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), which did not flower last summer and which I had fertilized heavily when I was back in Michigan in May in hopes that that would help it perform better this summer has also apparently begun to produce flower buds. Success!

To see what is currently blooming elsewhere, also have a look at all the other awesome blogs participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. All looks so fresh and beautiful! The abyssian gladiolus is so interesting I have never sern before. Is the bulb similar to common gladiolus?

    1. Yes, just a bit smaller but planted in exactly the same way.

  2. Great to hear that's it's been a good summer for you summer. Love that floral vista you have there!

  3. Beautiful!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  4. You have so much blooming in your chaotic little garden. Chaos is good when it's this pretty.

    1. Indeed... Though I am sometimes worried the neighbors might not always agree.

  5. You have a beautiful garden. I love those sweat peas which I can never grow here.

    1. Thank you! This is the first time I have had any success with sweet peas as well; this very old variety is supposed to be more tolerant of heat than those frilly English varieties.

  6. The sweet pea colors are striking - I like striking. I have the same cactus, and just gave a bunch of pieces to a neighbor. No acidanthera blooming here yet - that's what I get for planting them late. You probably planted yours at the time you were supposed to.

    1. I think I planted them in early May... The same day that I bought them. The regular gladioli overwinter in the ground, so I figured these should be able to go in whenever as well.


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