Monday, September 7, 2015

Beguiling Berries

While perusing the fascinating catalog of heirloom plant varieties of the Austrian organization Arche Noah (German for "Noah's Ark"), which dedicates itself to preserving crop biodiversity, I came across a category of strawberries under the heading "Erdbeere, Moschus- (Fragaria moschata)". I had not encountered such "musk strawberries" before, so naturally I was intrigued - even more so because the descriptions of all of the varieties - 'Askungen', 'Blindendorf Thumfart', 'Capron Royal', 'Marie Charlotte', and 'Profumata di Tortona' - stressed how intensely aromatic they are. I did some research, of course, and came across this fascinating, if old, article:

Berried Treasure

Needless to say, I will now have to grow some musk strawberries. Hopefully with some further research I will find out where to get some transplants of 'Marie Charlotte' and 'Profumata di Tortona', and maybe 'Capron Royal'. Those are evidently the most historic of the available varieties, and besides, their names sound the most enticing.

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