Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - September 2015

Fall has not quite arrived here yet, but the temperatures have dropped somewhat and this past weekend we finally got a good bit of rain after weeks of drought. The effect is already noticeable in the garden, as many plants are perking up noticeably. Alas, not that much is really in full bloom as many summer-flowering annuals and perennials are coming to an end and the fall bloomers have not really gotten started yet. Here are therefore just a few things that look good at the moment:

The first blossom of the Arabian jasmine's (Jasminum sambac 'Maid of Orleans') latest flush of 

Nicotiana sylvestris

 Nicotiana mutabilis - this one is sending up scores of new flowering shoots at the moment

 'Old Fashioned Vining' petunia - somehow the white-flowered plants are always a bit more vigorous and keep going for longer than then pink and purple ones

 Persian basil (Ocimum sp.)

Four o'clocks (Mirabilis jalapa), which in my garden stubbornly refuse to open before 7:00pm

Rosa 'Old Blush' 

Now off to teach introductory Urdu to a class off eager college students. To see what is blossoming in other people's gardens, check out Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens!


  1. How lovely. Your garden must be incredibly fragrant. Happy Bloom day.

    1. Same to you! Alas, it is not as fragrant overall as the scents of all of these more or less stick to their respective corners. Only the tuberoses really carry.

  2. You have a beautiful garden!

    Thanks for sharing this post and giving me the idea to also participate!

    I just started a new blog last week about gardening and crafting. You are always welcome visit if you want.

    Greetings, Sofie

  3. Beautiful! The Nicotiana flowers are so interesting!

    1. They are great. Unfortunately the Nicotiana sylvestris has a tendency to get infested with aphids and to just die suddenly while in the middle flowering. Nicotiana mutabilis appears to be a bit more healthy and resilient.

  4. I grew that nicotiana 'Only The Lonely' a few years back. It reseeds every year, but the white nicotiana that comes up is not true to the original. Your basil looks like my Thai basil.


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