Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mystery Flower

I collect seeds. A lot. Often. If I see an interesting plant by the wayside and it has seeds that appear to be ripe, at least a handful will inevitably find its way into my pocket. Most of the time I have a fairly good idea what the plants in question are, but occasionally something just looks nice or is new to me and I decide to give it a try. A plant from one such unidentified batch of seeds fished from a pants pocket weeks later just began blooming, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what exactly it is - "yellow daisy-like flower" does not make for a particularly precise Google search.

Yellow mystery flower beginning to bloom in the sun room

I planted these seeds in April, and the plant has been slowly but steadily growing in a pot on the balcony all summer. The flower buds appeared rather suddenly and rapidly about three weeks ago, right around the time I moved the plant inside. Given this behavior, I suspect that flowering in this species might be triggered by short days and that it generally blooms in winter.

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