Sunday, January 3, 2016

Heirloom Crops in Mainstream (?) Media

This morning I was very happy to discover a wonderful article about a historic Canadian melon and the importance and challenges of preserving heirloom plant varieties among Buzzfeed's peculiar mix of serious journalism on national and global events and issues, cat videos, and nonsense listicles. Please give it a read, and then go and get some heirloom seeds for next season - whether it be a Montreal melon, an Italian squash, or a Japanese morning glory!

The Rise, Fall, and Almost Rise of the Caviar of Cantaloupe

PS: Also note the bee issue - we really do need to stop carelessly decimating our critter populations or it will come to bite us in the butt, apart from the more general issue of poisoning our own living environment with toxic chemicals whose effects we often do not fully understand.


  1. I love to grow heirloom seeds, cause they grow better on our garden, than hybrid seeds.

    1. I have largely the same experience.


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