Sunday, April 17, 2016

Catching Up

Somehow I managed to miss Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again this month, and otherwise, too, I seem to have been behind on everything of late. This spring has also been in some ways the weirdest - and, from a gardening perspective, the worst - that we have had here for as long as I have lived in this area. The winter was unusually mild, which caused many plants to sprout much too early or to not go properly dormant, only to be decimated by three days of extreme cold in mid-February - three days so cold that they completely defoliated all the bamboo in our neighborhood. Another bout of late frost and snow following days of warmth a little over a week ago then destroyed a lot of what had survived that Arctic blast in January - including a lot of the magnolias and early ornamental cherries and the like. That being said, there are still quite a few things in bloom in the garden now.

Returning hyacinths - I had forced these indoors two years ago and they were pale pink, but in the garden they faithfully come back in this pale lilac-purple

The somewhat more sophisticated - or decadent - 'Chestnut Flower'...

... and the even more classy 'Madame Sophie'

One of the only surviving clusters of the wonderful Narcissus 'Avalanche'

'Trevithian', too, was somewhat decimated by the February cold spell

A gloriously double 'Van Sion'

The woodland or Florentine tulip (Tulipa sylvestris), a new favorite of mine - I wish I had tried these earlier, and hope they will multiply and naturalize

Grape hyacinths (Muscari sp.), another spring bulb I had never planted before

Yet another new addition - my very first Ipheion uniflorum!

In my hometown in southern Germany the winter and spring were less unsettled and problematic, and my mom recently sent this picture of the camellia I planted in our garden when I was ten or eleven:

My first - and still most successful - camellia

Of course there is also a ton of seed starting going on and all the window sills are filling up with little seedlings to move out into the garden once temperatures warm up a bit. Even in the garden quite a few seedlings are quickly coming up now that the weather is stabilizing a bit - opium poppies, garland chrysanthemums, sweet peas, broad beans...


  1. Beautiful flowers! I like your camelia!

  2. lovely flowers, especially all the yellow ones.

    1. Thanks! Somehow I have a higher tolerance for these intense yellows in spring, after all the drabness of winter.

  3. Crazy weather! We had a mild winter as well but no late arctic blast, thank goodness. The result is that we've got a lot of things blooming earlier than usual. The first roses are blooming along with spring bulbs, etc. Hopefully we'll still have some color for late summer and fall.

    1. Hopefully! Not sure how things will look for roses here this year - that extremely cold weekend in February also really did a number on them.


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