Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Garden Update

Even though today was chilly and rainy, it is finally really, properly spring in the garden, and everything is sprouting and greening and blooming.

A view of the central portion of the garden

My heirloom tulips are doing particularly well, and this year Tulipa 'Elegans Rubra' is among them. After last year's attempt at this rare and pricey historic variety failed completely, Old House Gardens with their impeccable customer service sent me a replacement bulb for free, and it has developed perfectly.

The spidery Tulipa acuminata, the bright red lily-flowered Tulipa 'Elegans Rubra', and what should have been the white-flowered pure species of Tulipa clusiana but instead turned out to be the pale yellow selection 'Cynthia'

Now back to that conference paper...


  1. The petals of the tulips are so slim! Interesting!

    1. Yes, they are sometimes described as "dagger-petaled".


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