Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Blues and Whites

The dominant color in the garden right now is green, as the spring bulbs are largely through and the summer annuals and perennials have not really gotten started yet. A notable exception are the irises, which are at their peak:

The view along the garden

A close-up of the bearded iris

Siberian iris (Iris sibirica)

The white Parma violet 'Comte de Brazza' 

The black-and-white flowers the 'Windsor' broad beans (Vicia faba 'Windsor')

Hopefully there will be more to show soon, as over the past week or so I have been planting what feels like hundreds upon hundreds of seedlings and bulbs and what not, ranging from heirloom gladioli to petunias to rice. Now we just need some steady warmth and a decent amount of rain...


  1. They all look great! Did you plant all these or did they come with the house? I know what you mean about green - bearded iris are about the only things I have going on now, too.

    1. These were already here and I have just moved around some of them, but I have also been adding some more iris varieties which will hopefully in coming years.

  2. Wow... amazing iris! So lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Iris always look so grand in bloom but your white Parma Violet is an adorably sweet little thing!


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