Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Green Harvest

Some hungry bunny rabbits just nibbled most of my chili plants - which had been doing wonderfully so far - to itty-bitty bits, along with some newly planted heirloom roses, seedlings of two annual Hibiscus species, and quite a number of my rice seedlings, already behind because of other pest issues and the rather cool spring and early summer we have had. However, in positive news, my broad beans and peas have come along, and today's lunch consisted primarily of these ingredients from the garden:

'Windsor' broad beans

Peas, and a bit of parsley and marjoram used to flavor them and the broad beans

Now if only the rabbits to not wreak any more havoc so that eventually I can harvest a few things in other colors as well.

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  1. Naughty rabbits! Can just imagine how sweet those beans must have been!


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