Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Planting Chrysanthemums and Other Progress

We finally got some rain yesterday morning - though we could still use some more! - and in the afternoon I did some tidying up in the garden. I took out the largely spent garland chrysanthemums (Glebionis coronaria), which, while lovely, somehow did not last as long this year as they did last year. On the upside, the space they vacated in one of the raised beds allowed me to finally plant out the first of the fancy and heirloom chrysanthemums I got in the spring from King's Mums and had been growing on in pots on the balcony. I got 'Seaton's J'dore', 'Samson', 'Lili Gallon', 'River City', and 'Kokka Bunmi'. I took cuttings of all of them as they were growing, so I will have more transplants to go into the garden as more space opens up.

Fancy chrysanthemums in their new home

Lots of things are blooming in the garden at the moment, some at their height or approaching the end of their season, like the 'Cupani' sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus 'Cupani'), the red hot pokers (Kniphofia uvaria), and the Shirley poppies...

'Cupani', the original sweet pea

One of the seedling red hot pokers blooming for the first time

 A particularly double Shirley poppy (Papaver rhoeas cv.)

... while others are just getting started:

The fragrant Iranian heirloom rose 'Rose de Rescht'

An orange horned poppy (Glaucium flavum var. aurantiacum)

One of many Asiatic lilies beginning to open

Now back to work...


  1. A nice little garden interlude there!

  2. How long ago was the Kniphofia planted form seed? My Kniphofia did not bloom until the third year from seed.

    1. I planted the seeds on the windowsill in early spring 2016, so they are a little over a year old. One plant from that initial batch that must have been in a very favorable spot did produce a small inflorescence late last summer. I have found that they are very sensitive to crowding - when they have to compete with other plants they just sort of sit there and do not do much, but when they are given lots of space they suddenly take off.


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