Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Oh So Satisfactory

Today I finally got around to a few garden tasks that have been overdue for a while. I planted out wallflowers (Erysimum cheiri) and I finally dumped the dormant freesia corms out of their pots and packed them away.

Fat Freesia corms ready to be stored dark and dry until it is time to replant them in the fall

There is something very satisfying about digging up plump corms, bulbs, or tubers, especially if they have grown or multiplied noticeably since the plant was first set in the ground or potted up. For one thing, there is the success of growing the plant well in the first place, but then there is also the promise of even more and greater growth the next season.


  1. A good reminder of the cycle of gardening, planting opportunities never ceases!

  2. strange bulbs for me. That's really new lesson

    1. They are the highlight of my indoor garden in winter. Unfortunately we cannot grow them outside here because it is too cold when they want to grow.


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