Friday, September 9, 2016

A Surprise and a Riddle

Just a little update from the patch of rice: panicles have appeared on another, notably different set of rice plants - short, stocky, with broad, very dark green leaves - but I have no idea what variety it might be based on the appearance of the husks. All the short-grain varieties I planted are accounted for, save the Japanese 'Koshihikari', which, judging by last year's plants, produces a fairly tall, delicate plant. Yet the husks of this variety are broad and rounded...

One of the mystery rice plants

A close-up of the shape of the husks

If there had only been one such plant, it could have plausibly been the result of a seed of another variety slipping in with one of the batches of seed, but seeing as there are at least three of these plants that seems less likely. Hopefully as the grains mature their identity will become clearer. On a another exciting note, there are at least a few stalks of the medium-grain Californian variety 'M-101' after all, heading a few weeks later than last year no doubt due to the challenging early summer:

'M-101' flowering

Now to wait if any of the long-grain varieties will actually decide to head any time soon...


  1. Rice? In New England? I've seen rice growing in South Carolina, and I used to live in Arkansas, where rice is grown. But never New England. As we said in the old days, Awesome!

    1. There are a few commercial attempts at rice culture in Vermont and Maine actually, all using the Japanese and Russian short grain varieties that have also so far done reasonably well for me - in fact, some of my seeds came from Fedco Seeds and the Maine Rice Project in Maine. My greatest interest, though, is to figure out a way to successfully grow aromatic long-grain heirloom landraces from Iran and South Asia here.


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