Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Garden Update

I managed to miss Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again, but there is lots flowering in the garden still, and a few things are just coming into season even at this time of year. Let us start, however, with a few things that have continued on blooming from the summer or even the spring:

Chocolate daisy (Berlandiera lyrata), still deliciously fragrant in the mornings

California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) - these really relish cool fall temperatures

Lantana soaking up the sun

Petunia exserta

 Dahlias still pumping out buds

Now for things just beginning to flower:

Chrysanthemum 'Hillside Sheffield Pink'...

... and another hardy mum...

... and the jewels of my fall garden: saffron crocuses (Crocus sativus)

A lot more chrysanthemum varieties should begin to bloom soon...


  1. My Sheffield mum also just started blooming -- its first year. My my they are late!

    1. All of these are in their first year, too. The 'Sheffield' chrysanthemums are quite late, but some of my other new varieties are turning out to be even later!


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