Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Quick Excursion: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

Today I spent some time at two of the wonderful museums we have relatively nearby, the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The latter does have a lovely little Japanese Garden, but as it was already almost dusk by the time I got there I did not visit it this time. However, the former is chock-full of horticultural interest - in fact, as much of the art there, while impressive and of great significance, is not exactly my cup of tea, the plant displays are for me the main attraction!

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's iconic courtyard, with its tree ferns and the late-fall display of chrysanthemums

Another courtyard view

17th-century Mexican tiles in the museum's Spanish Cloister

A decorative wood carving

Detail of a Japanese screen showing the red wild form of Camellia japonica

In the greenhouse

Flowers, foliage, and fruit in the greenhouse

One of many perfect citrons

 Massive bicolor chrysanthemums

A very happy Paphiopedilum lady's slipper

Very tall orchid inflorescences of a species unknown to me 

 'Lili Gallon', a chrysanthemum that has yet to fully open in my own garden, as a disbud with a single giant flower per stem

'Kokka Bunmi', another variety I have been growing, as a disbud

Some beautiful red chrysanthemums grown in a more relaxed manner

I really should make more of an effort to make it to the museum more frequently to see the different seasonal floral displays. In particular, I have yet to see the famous display of nasturtiums trailing down the courtyard façades in April. The chimney bellflowers (Campanula pyramidalis) in late summer, too, are quite unique and must be worth seeing.


  1. Fascinating! I really want to visit this place. thanks for sharing.

  2. An art museum with a great garden and greenhouse - how unusual and wonderful! I also want to visit someday. Thanks for adding this to my list!


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