Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Chrysanthemum Update

I have a lot of new chrysanthemums in the garden, and many of them are at the height of their glory now. The bushy small-flowered types that flower as early as late August or early September and are available almost everywhere in every imaginable size for a pittance are pretty enough and I usually get a few early and try to get them established so that they will return the next year and grow more naturally. However, the various less common perennial and heirloom types I have added this year are more exciting creatures altogether.

'Cambodian Queen'

I think this might be 'Kokka Bunmi'

'Emperor of China'

'Sheffield Hillside Pink'

A vigorous, gorgeous yellow variety of unknown name that I got as a potted, disbudded specimen from Trader Joe's for Chinese New Year last winter

Like 'Kokka Bunmi' and 'Emperor of China', a number of other varieties are just beginning to bloom, so provided we do not have any very heavy frosts any time soon - fingers crossed! - we will be in chrysanthemums for a while yet.

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