Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - November 2016

We have had a very mild fall so far - the climate change perhaps that this country's new regime will be so vigorously and dementedly denying? - with predicted freezing temperatures having failed to actually arrive three times so far. The one upside, perhaps, is that we still have quite a few flowers in bloom.

The last of the Abyssinian gladioli (Gladiolus murielae)

Sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima), revived by the cool, wet weather

One of the last of the strawflowers (Xerochrysum bracteatum)

Bidens pilosa or Bidens alba - I never know which one it is that pops up in our garden

A pale calendula (Calendula officinalis)

A big, wonderfully butter yellow chrysanthemum, grown from a potted plant bought at Trader Joe's for Chinese New Year last winter

French marigolds (Tagetes patula) still blooming

California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) positively glowing

Tassel flower (Emilia javanica)

Chrysanthemum 'River City'

 A vigorous red dahlia whose name unfortunately escapes me

Chrysanthemum 'Samson'

 'Slater's Crimson China'

Chrysanthemum 'Kokka Bunmi'

 The indefatigable purple ice plant (Delosperma cooperi)

Chrysanthemum 'Emperor of China'

 Chrysanthemum 'Cambodian Queen'

To see what is blooming elsewhere, do check out many other garden bloggers' current blooms at May Dreams Gardens!


  1. Oh, so many pretty mums! I love the spider types. We're having a mild autumn here in the PNW too.

  2. Beautiful! Especially the chrysanthemum.
    The Bidens alba reminds me into mine.


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