Thursday, December 1, 2016


A few days ago, I used some of my homegrown saffron and rice for the for the first time. The only rice variety of which I harvested enough that I felt that I could spare some seeds to try cooking with rather than keeping them all was the short grain 'Duborskian'. With short grain rice and saffron, I decided to give Risotto alla Milanese a try, a dish in which these two ingredients take center stage. I used this recipe from Saveur, though as a vegetarian I left out the bone marrow and replaced the chicken stock with vegetable stock.

Some threads of my homegrown saffron and hulled 'Duborskian' rice

A closer look at the hulled rice grains

The most time-consuming part of the process was hulling the rice grains, which I did with my kitchen pestle and mortar. After dislodging the hulls this way, it took lots of tedious hand picking to separate out the grains.

The finished risotto

The preparation of the risotto itself was faster, even if it is not the quickest dish. It turned out rather well for being my first attempt at risotto. More importantly, perhaps, they rice and saffron I grew worked just as they should in this dish. Maybe next I will try the saffron in a sweet dish..

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