Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Awful People Being Awful

The European populist ultra-right seems to be constantly searching for ways to become more ludicrous and revolting:

Italy's right-wing opposition to foreigners now extends to trees

Now, I have plenty of sympathy for wanting to protect local small businesses and local coffee culture and not being over the moon about Starbucks coming in. I also understand that the planting so far, with only the trees and lots of bare soil, does not look like much. However, to turn this into vitriolic attacks around culture and race is reprehensible and just plain stupid. Moreover, the bizarre focus on "Africa" of these diatribes is completely misplaced as the palms in question are clearly Chinese windmill or Chusan palms (Trachycarpus fortunei), which are native to China and do not grow particularly well in hot dry climates like that of much of North Africa. These people honestly need help, though they are hardly deserving of it.


  1. Gobsmacked. Things are reaching new levels of absurdity all over.


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