Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Acquisitions

After lunch with a friend yesterday I could not resist checking out another nursery that was *kind of* on the way back. I was hoping they would suitable waterproof yet tasteful pots for my little rice seedlings but unfortunately all their container options were not really to my taste and very pricey. However, of course I did not walk away entirely empty-handed. I picked up a lovely deep blue pigeon pea (Clitoria ternatea) full of buds, a nice clay pot with three different varieties of Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) - one of the flowers commonly used here to provide color during this, the hottest time of the year - and a little curry leaf sapling (Murraya koenigii).

Butterfly pea buds opening

Three variations of the Madagascar periwinkle

Now off to the library... Of course, I still do not have suitable pots for the some of these new additions and some other things that need potting up, so I am going to have to detour to the  pottery and ceramics market on the way back. They have lovely stuff and by American standards most of it is incredibly cheap. However, lugging home half a dozen large terracotta pieces in an Uber can be a bit awkward.


  1. It will be exciting to watch the progress of your Delhi garden!

  2. beautiful. I like the double petal of butterfly pea. I have been looking for the seed to be planted in our tiny garden. But haven't found it yet.

    1. I wonder if the double variety does not produce seeds because on this one all the spent flowers seem to drop off without forming pods. Maybe better to try and find a sapling at a nursery.


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