Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Old Ways and New Plants

First off, here is an article from about the successful preservation of a traditional irrigation system that is helping some farmers in northern Kerala and a part of Karnataka to deal with the effects of an ongoing drought:

How Farmers in North Kerala Are Using an Age-Old Water System to Beat the Drought

On the one hand, it is great when traditional, sustainable practices can be preserved and help people cope. At the same time, that even Kerala, usually one of India's less arid states, is struggling with ongoing drought is very worrying indeed.

On a perhaps more lighthearted note, here is another piece briefly profiling the work of several female Indian botanist-plant breeders who are developing new varieties to address particular needs of Indian agriculture and horticulture:

Meet the Women Who Make India's Chillies Hotter, Flowers Cheaper and Mangoes Last Longer

Not that I am always a fan of new hybrids - my love for and fascination with many heirloom flowers and crops should be rather evident on this blog - but this kind of work is still important and cool, and rarely gets any attention.

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