Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rice Again

I was not planning to grow rice this year since I am not home in New England - although I did order seeds of a few more varieties from Wild Folk Farm for next year, out of a fear that those varieties might not be available then - but then a handful of rice seed essentially fell into my lap. A few days ago I bought a bundle of fresh mint at a small neighborhood supermarket here in my part of Delhi. Upon closer examination, I found that it had been tied with a shoot of a rice plant - complete with a ripe panicle of long-grained seeds still attached.

A first few seeds germinating on moist paper towel on the kitchen window sill, soon to be potted up with soil

I sowed a few of the seeds to see if they are indeed viable on some moist paper towel and they are all germinating. Obviously I will try to grow these on, to which end I will have to get some suitable waterproof containers. Even if this batch does not work out however - and I have never before gardened under quite these climatic conditions, so lots of learning for me to do across the board! - I luckily still have some more to try again.


  1. fascinating! i will be following this with great interest, do post updates when you can.

  2. Very exciting to garden in such a climate! Fingers crossed!


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