Sunday, May 7, 2017

Book Purchases

I was ordering something from Amazon the other day and was a few rupees short of the minimum amount to get free shipping. So what did I do? I added two Hindi gardening books to my order, Bāgvānī kalā or "Gardening Art" and Vārṣik bāgvānī or "Seasonal Gardening", both by one Prabha Bhargav.

The two new additions to my gardening library

Sample pages, some in black and white...

... and some in color

Like most Hindi books, and especially Hindi non-fiction, these are modest productions sold at a much lower price than local English-language works. Even so, I like getting these kind of books, just as I try to pick up local gardening books most places I go. Compared to the gardening books on offer in the US and some larger European countries like the UK, France, and Germany, in many other places they are fewer and less commonly available - and what is available are often British works, regardless of how ill-suited their instructions might be to the climate and other conditions of that place. For me that makes books like this treasures of  a sort because they actually reflect the local, even if they might seem quite basic.

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  1. Such interesting books! lots of pictures, I like it.


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