Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Garden Visits, Continued: Katz'scher Garten, Gernsbach, Germany

I have posted about the Katz'sche Garten, the historic garden now filled with botanical rarities and Mediterranean vegetation in my German hometown of Gernsbach before several years ago. Since then the collection has grown, the garden has become a bit more elaborate still, and a book documenting its development and extraordinary plantings has been published. I went to have a look on one of the first days after the garden reopened for spring and the winter coverings had been removed from the most tender plantings. This was in mid-March but the garden was already quite lovely.

 The central parterre with Magnolia x soulangeana just beginning to bloom

Edgeworthia chrysantha in full bloom

Just a small part of the palm collection...

... and more palms, with part of the old town in the background

Spring bedding

'General Coletti,' one of several camellia varieties at the shady end of the garden

Along the river bank

Musa basjoo leaving out

Throngs of narcissi

It is strange to think that I remember when this garden had not yet been resuscitated and to see how far along even truly daring plantings like the Chilean wine palm (Jubaea chilensis), agaves, and eucalyptus have come. All the more impressive that this is primarily the result of a citizen's initiative and volunteer work, and that it continues to be free to the public.


  1. Edgeworthia, Camellia and reliable throngs of Narcissus – Just a few of the reasons I envy my European gardening friends (or anyone gardening in a milder climate, for that matter).

    1. Gardeners in our corner of Germany - and particularly the man who resurrected this garden - do take great pride in the fact that we are in the warmest corner of the country and grow lots of things that will not do in other parts of the country... Though of course a bit further west in France and the UK most of those things are already common again and they strive for even more tender or rare things.


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