Thursday, June 15, 2017

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - June 2017

I am afraid I do not have terribly much to report for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day from my little balcony garden in Delhi this month. This time of the year, at the end of the hottest part of the year,   flowering here is at a bit of a low point, and most of what is in bloom are woody vines and trees. My young plant collection lacks both of those so all I can offer at the moment are some Madagascar periwinkles (Catharanthus roseus) and Portulaca.

One color of Madagascar periwinkle...

... and another

Portulaca grandiflora flanked by Bassia scoparia

Meanwhile, in the garden back in New England quite a few things are of course blooming, and the husband extraordinaire sent some pictures:
A newly planted Lantana

Pink evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa), which I have been trying to establish in the garden for a few years, finally taking off

Blanket flower (Gaillardia x grandiflora)

Hopefully next month I will have more flowers to show from my efforts here. In the meantime, head over to May Dreams Gardens to see what is blooming elsewhere.


  1. Ooh! I love the Blanket Flower!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Gardening on two continents? You are amazing! Looking forward to seeing more of both of your gardens!

  3. Lovely! It took me several years of sewing pink evening primrose before they became established here in my North Carolina garden!


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