Thursday, June 1, 2017

La vie en rose

The balcony garden is still coming along slowly. There have been some new additions, and some of the plants that for a long time did not seem to do much are beginning to take off, perhaps finally over transplant shock and helped along by recent rains and a bit of a drop in temperatures. Here are just a few snapshots of mainly pink things providing color right now - I will have to make sure to add more other colors as I keep collecting plants:

A caladium I picked up on a whim

This Portulaca grandiflora had more deep-pink striations on the flowers when I bought it; hopefully it will return

One of three colors of Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus rosea) that I have

My little heirloom rose reblooming just a bit in the heat

Hopefully with monsoon rains coming in a few weeks, the balcony will continue to get more lush. I recently got two banana saplings, which should add lots of foliage once they get going. Perhaps some fast-growing vines would also be good to extend the green upwards more...


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