Sunday, July 2, 2017

When It Rains, It Pours

For most of the past three months, dry heat was the main challenge for my fledgling balcony garden, with most of my plants just surviving rather than really growing, despite my dutiful watering. Now that the rains have arrived that has certainly changed, which more moderate temperatures and high humidity making for some lush and rapid growth.

Some of my plants in the downpour this morning

However, now I am already starting to worry that some of my plants might be on the verge of drowning on particularly rainy days, despite clay pots with proper drainage holes. Some have water standing in them for hours after each thunderstorm if I do not keep pouring it out. At the same time, heavy raindrops - and manually pouring out the excess water again and again - of course also incrementally washes away soil...

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  1. That's a difficult task, never realised keeping up with plants during the rainy days can go at the point of losing the soil itself.. But won't it be okay to let the water stay where it is and seep through the pothole, agree, that this would take time but it should work..


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