Thursday, August 31, 2017

Lodi Garden Blooms

This morning I passed through Lodi Gardens, as I do quite often, and quite a few things were blooming just beautifully.

 The Tomb of Muhammad Shah Sayyid

One of many gardenias

Mountain or cassumunar ginger (Zingiber cassumunar) in the Herb Garden

One canna cultivar...

And another, with the Sheesh Gumbad mausoleum peeking out in the back...

... and yet another

A particularly red cultivar of Plumeria rubra - even the leaves have a reddish tint!

View across the lily pond

Some of the flowers of the bright pink Nymphaea rubra cultivar were absolutely massive

The purple and pale blue varieties were much more delicate but just as lovely

The highlight of this walk in the park were definitely the waterlilies. In part because they were absolutely glorious but also because they were somewhat unexpected. I have been stopping by the lily pond and two smaller pools in the park that also have a few waterlilies in them every once in while ever since I first got to Delhi in March; for most of that time the waterlilies have looked rather sad, with a few raggedy pads and only an occasional unimpressive flower. All the more remarkable then that now they make such a wonderful display.


  1. Beautiful gardens! the pond is spectacular I wish my pond looked that great! were there many gardenias? I love gardenias they smell and look wonderful one of the best garden plants on earth.

  2. The water lilies are so beautiful. I like it


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